All dressed up for a night outGrooming

Our Grooming Salon is ready to pamper your small friends - by appointment of course. Grooming rates include 4 hours of daycare so your pet can play for awhile before or after being groomed.

In addition to full grooms, Fireplug Inn offers a bath, brush-out, and nails trimmed for those who just need a little freshening up.

Hours of Operation
Full groom: Monday - Saturday

Bath and Nails: Monday - Saturday. For those dogs who are hotel guests, baths are available on Sunday.

Rates for Grooming
Full Groom: $40 - $46, depending on breed. Call for specific prices.
Bath and Nails Only: $15 - $25, depending on breed.
Call for specific prices.

Phone 817-329-8835 for more information or to make an appointment.

Dont I look Nice?Man it feels good to be pampered